Monday, March 28, 2005

RPI Flaw Exposed

Ol' BC has been following March Madness with a great deal of interest given the lack of news recently. One can only stand so much of Terri Schiavo and Jacko. Now that the NCAA tournament is down to the final four, what will be said about the RPI rating index that said the Big Ten was the SIXTH ranked conference in the nation. With exactly half the final four, one might anticipate some tweaking of the calculations for future rankings and seedings. Granted the Big Ten didn't have one of its better years, but a ranking of sixth is a little harsh. Where is the highly regarded Big East? How about the Big Twelve? Pac Ten? Could these leagues have been slightly overrated? And keep in mind that Wisconsin was only a bounce or two away from making it three Big Ten Teams. By the way, Indiana even defeated Michigan State and Wisconsin in the conference season . Maybe Coach Davis' "fourth seed" in the Big Ten tournament did get slighted by the selection committee. (However, the Vanderbilt game in the NIT may have given the committee a pardon)

Just an observation.


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