Thursday, June 02, 2005

How Did The MSM Miss This?

Larry Kudlow has discovered a connection between Deep Throat and Bob Woodward that nothing Ol' BC has heard in the MSM approaches. Seems Deep Throat, former FBI number two Mark Felt, and Woodward were old buds from the National Security Agency.

there's an angle to the Deep Throat story that the MSM has not yet
discovered. Namely, that former FBI agent Mark Felt was at one time a senior NSA
National Security Agency staffer, with access to the wiretap archives of both
the NSA and the British GSHQ security service, including all of Nixon's phone
calls.Now, guess what. Another alum of the NSA -- you might have guessed it --
is Bob Woodward.Woodward, by the way, always said that Deep Throat was an old
friend of his. Could it be from the NSA?All this is from John Loftus, an
intelligence analyst who contributes weekly to the John Bachelor radio show and
to Fox News.In the end, it appears that Deep Throat was really the National
Security Agency. But you won't find that in the mainstream media.Now, the
legality of Felt's leaking classified NSA info to Woodward should be explored,
shouldn't it? After all, what's indicting to the goose is criminializing to the

Wow, how can the MSM miss all this with all the recent attention to the story?

Just a thought.


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