Monday, October 17, 2005

Iraqi Vote Prompts Audit - Easy To See Why

This is really quite easy to grasp. Reports of fraud in the Iraqi constitutional referendum are prompted by an unusually high voter turnout and an overwhelming "yes" vote. This will undoubtedly unnerve the left in this country.

“Statements coming from most provinces indicating such high numbers ... require
us to recheck, compare and audit them, as they are unusually high according to
the international standards,” the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq said
in a statement.

An official with knowledge of the election process said
that in some areas the “yes” to “no” ratio seemed unusual. The official
cautioned that it was too early to say whether the figures were incorrect or
what caused the unexpected ratio.

This MSNBC article seems perplexed by the whole situation. Here's a clue - those people have been beaten down and abused for so long that when they get a chance at some form of democracy they will jump at it. What is more telling is the large number of Sunni "yes" votes. You see, when they get in the voting booth, all by themselves, they can vote their true desire. Nobody will know for sure. Nobody is " watching over your shoulder" for the first time in most of their lives. What we're finding out is that some form of freedom is overwhelmingly preferred by the Iraqis in spite of what the U.S. media would like you to believe.

Just an observation.


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We shoulda stayed out of it in the first place.


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