Tuesday, February 14, 2006

WMD Talk Continues.

This article tells about it.

Last week a man who had been deputy chief of Saddam Hussein's air force claimed
Iraq moved weapons of mass destruction into Syria before the war

Special Republican
Guard brigades loaded yellow barrels with the skull and crossbones sign on each
barrel onto two airliners from which the seats had been removed, Georges Sada
said. There were 56 flights in all.
"Saddam realized this time the Americans
are coming," Mr. Sada told The New York Sun, one of a handful of news
organizations which took note of what he had to say.

Hmmm. I doubt we hear much about this. MSM doesn't like it when people confirm they were there. There are ten of thousands of Kurds and Shiites who would verify it as well. Ooops!
I keep forgetting. Saddam killed them.

Just an observation.


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