Sunday, April 01, 2007

English - Language Of Opportunity

I have to agree with what Newt Gingrich said in this MSNBC article. It shouldn't be too long before we start hears allegations of racism.

“The government should quit mandating that various documents be printed in any
one of 700 languages depending on who randomly shows up” to vote, said Gingrich,
who is considering seeking the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. He
made the comments in a speech to the National Federation of Republican
“The American people believe English should be the official language
of the government. ... We should replace bilingual education with immersion in
English so people learn the common language of the country and they learn the
language of prosperity, not the language of living in a ghetto,” Gingrich said
to cheers from the crowd of more than 100.

Very astute , Newt. Funny how so few seem to be able to notice these things. It's right in front of them. Just look around. Yes, there are English ghettos, too. Just not anywhere near the frequency of the "other language" ghettos.

Just an observation.


At 10:40 PM, Blogger Col. Hogan said...

There's been some comment, and some anger from the ghetto hispanics here in the Stalag.

I don't care what language these or any other folks use amongst themselves, but there's no reason why government needs to publish official documents in foreign languages for their convenience.

Y'know, like ballots and such like.

At 2:03 PM, Blogger RightWingRocker said...

Newt is right.

In the words of Andrew Dice Clay:

If you can't speak the language, get back on the f%^&ing plane!


At 3:17 PM, Blogger Sir Loin of Beef said...

Many European nations publish things in multiple languages, and somehow they get by. And BC, please tell me what you base your conclusion on, that there are far more non-English ghettos in America than English speaking ones. I would love to see your research and supportive evidence.

I hope RWR doesn't travel much, for as in the sagely Andrew Dice Clay's words of wisdom, he would have to get off the plane.

I guess my father would not have been allowed to come to the U.S. either, as he didn't speak a word of English when he came. I guess all his contributions to our society would have stayed in the Netherlands. What a shame if such bigotry and ignorance had kept him from coming.

At 4:56 PM, Blogger RightWingRocker said...

Doesn't change the fact that Newt is right, Beef.

I actually HAVE traveled quite a bit. The only things published in multiple languages are tourist guides.

I'm not talking about tourists or others who come here with sincere hearts, that is to say, those who come here to naturalize. Nor was "Dice-man". We're talking about people who come here with every intention of weakening our culture in favor of their own and show blatant disrespect for our laws, as well as for said culture.

What kind of bigot calls standing up for one's heritage "bigotry"? These people aren't respecting OUR heritage. These people aren't tolerating OUR culture. These people aren't treating OUR presence in the country without disdain and hate.

These people are the bigots, as well as those who support their evil plan.


At 6:38 PM, Blogger Sir Loin of Beef said...

Wow. What a diatribe of diarrhea. They are nothing but bigots and full of evil, eh? Sounds like something Hitler might have said from a pulpit somewhere in Deutschland.

Firstly, I have traveled a great deal too, and there are many English publications in non-English speaking countries.

Secondly, our culture is one of CHANGE, rwr. If you can't see this, then you are blinder than a blind fish in a dark cave. Our culture has always incorporated influxes of new ideas and concepts, and we have changed and adapted as a people very nicely. To hearken back to some "heritage" and say we need to be like that today is backward thinking and flies in the face of what naturally happens to people and societies. Again, the fascists of Nazi Germany hearkened back to their "heritage" and we saw what became of their movement, their bigotry and intolerance for other cultures and races. I find your stance to be little better than posturing in just this sort of petty, bourgeois, pig-headed denial of the reality of change.

Life is change. Cultures change. Societies change. You have every right not to like it, but you are a fool to fight it. Your words are inflammatory and rhetorical at best. They offer nothing in the way of critical observation, nor do they offer any insight into possible solutions.

Try this: Take a deep breath and look around you. Is your world crumbling down around your head? If it is not, use this as a starting point for your thinking. Chances are, the sky is not falling. And chances are, the immigrants aren't going to undermine civilization as you know it either.

In essence, you undermine your own ideal of civilization the minute you hearken back to some heritage or glorious past that does not exist and cannot exist in the present day. (If it could, dear RWR, don't you think it would?)

At 6:11 PM, Blogger RightWingRocker said...

Hey Beef

How about making some attempt to address something that I wrote instead of going into that old dusty diatribe of calling me a Nazi.

Grow up.


At 9:36 PM, Blogger Sir Loin of Beef said...

I addressed what you wrote. Unfortunately, it seems that you are too much of an idiot to understand it or grasp the connections.

Your attitude is very much in keeping with the tenants of National Socialism. If the shoe fits, RWR...

At 9:59 AM, Blogger RightWingRocker said...

Yeah, ok, Beef. Keep saying that, and eventually even you may actually beleive it.

How many more times will I have to bring this out?



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