Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Questions Abound

After listening to rounds of presidential debates recently, Ol' BC can't help but wonder about a few things. This is just my nature. I tend to question things. Here are a few of them.

Do the Democrats who are running REALLY think they represent the views of a majority of Americans?

If the U.S. pulls out of Iraq, do some of these candidates REALLY think the Islamic terrorists are just going to terrorize one another and leave the non-Muslims alone?

How are the deaths of those in the Darfur region different than the hundreds of thousands of deaths of Arabs and Kurds under Saddam Hussein?

Pro-choice versus Pro-life, what's with the exceptions? If I was born in 1955 or 1975 as the result of a pregnancy by rape or incest or if my mother died during childbirth, am I less of a person than the majority of the other people? If not, why the exceptions? Is a fetus a life or not at conception? At one month? At two months? Are most pro-lifers only part time?

What happened to the specific powers granted to the federal government in the constitution? I missed the entire education and healthcare section. There has been a lot of talk about heaping on more and very little about rescinding any. What about all others being reserved for the states? Eerie silence.

Do that many of the candidates REALLY think that if they grant amnesty to illegal aliens already in this country no more are going to sneak in?

Have that many of the candidates forgotten that learning English opened doors to success for millions of Germans, Italians, Israelis and scads of others for years and years? Why weren't signs and information printed in eighteen languages for all those years if it is that critical? Could it actually hold people back and keep them living at a subsistence level?

Do people REALLY think that catering to a Palestinian state, whose sole mission in life is the eradication of Israel, is going to lead to peace in the region? How about if that Palestinian state is on land that was previously Israel and is presently adjacent to Israel?

Sometimes I'm just totally perplexed at what I hear. I'm not just referring to the media. Maybe someone can direct these questions to those more enlightened than me for some semi-profound answers.

Just a thought.