Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Earmarks...Democrats Remember How

Earmarking is a no longer subtle way of directing money to certain projects or people that that has become much better known of late. The GOP caught all kinds of grief for such things when they controlled the Congress. In the neighborhood of two thousand (2000) earmarks according to the self righteous Democrats whose only mission is slam Bush and the GOP. They did, in fact, have a lot of it coming. They were totally irresponsible with the public largess.

NOW, it has been said that the Democrats are taking this earmark thing to new heights. Ol' BC recently read where there is said to be twelve thousand (12,000) earmarks in the pending energy bill. Over 650 pages worth!! What will Reid and Pelosi have to say when they discover this?

Remember how they ripped the Republicans when earmarks approached two thousand (2000)? They could really be upset about six times as much.

Just a thought.


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