Friday, February 25, 2005

Summers vs Churchill - MSM Comparison

There has been much ado about Lawrence Summers and Ward Churchill in the news recently. Ol' BC even blogged briefly about each. Summers vs Churchill. Bad rap vs. bad man. Scholar vs. liar. On and on you can go. Jonah Goldberg sees the comparison very insightfully.
In the Summers affair, free speech and academic freedom barely came up, except
among a few conservative commentators and one or two academics who were already
known for their political incorrectness. Instead, Summers was a pinata to be
bashed for material rewards and to send the message that some subjects — no
matter what the evidence — are simply taboo even for serious scholars to discuss
in closed-door, off-the-record meetings.
Meanwhile, Ward Churchill, whose
scholarship is a joke, whose evidence is tendentious at best, and who called the
victims of 9/11 the moral equivalent of a man who sent babies to the gas
chambers, is a hero of free speech. He has refused to apologize. Many
conservatives are forced to defend free speech and "diversity" in academia while
liberals let the NOWers feed on Summers's flesh.

You can read the entire column here. It is very interesting and amazingly accurate.

Just an observation.


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