Saturday, March 05, 2005

A Mike Davis Conspiracy???

Attention college basketball fans - As we are rapidly approaching March Madness, Ol' BC heard an interesting tidbit on Fox Sports radio today. But first, let me digress to last December. As you may or may not know, Indiana University's basketball coach, who is considered by many to be on the proverbial hot seat, has said on numerous occasions that he considers the Hoosiers loss at home to Charlotte, "a win." This is because of the half court shot dispute that ended the game. In seven tenths of a second, a Charlotte player caught the inbounds pass, turned, dribbled and shot. The shot went in and was ruled a good basket to defeat Coach Davis and the Hoosiers. It has been replayed over and over showing clearly the light at the backboard was on prior to the shot being taken.

AND NOW THIS. Earlier in the week the Hoosiers traveled to Wisconsin for a Big Ten game. The Badgers won on a rebound basket at the buzzer. Indiana is clearly on "the bubble" at best for an NCAA tournament bid. Although the game didn't have a clearly controversial call, it appeared to Ol' BC that the home team got the benefit of several close calls and no calls. NOW, Ol' BC hears today that one of the officials working the Indiana-Wisconsin game is in fact the ATHLETIC DIRECTOR at Northern Iowa University, which happens to be another "bubble" team. Ol' BC has not been able to confirm this, but the talking head who was interviewing Dale Brown seemed certain. Could this be another "I consider that game a win" for Coach Davis?

Just an observation.


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