Friday, April 08, 2005

Taxpayers To Support Olympic Bomber - How Can That Be?

The AP is reporting that Olympic Bomber Eric Rudolph will plead guilty to avoid the death penalty. Something is terribly wrong here. The guy allegedly bombed a nightclub and two abortion clinics in addition to the bomb at the 1996 Olympics that killed one and injured about a hundred others.

Apparently the Justice Department and then Attorney General John Ashcroft had decided to try a Birmingham Alabama bombing first and seek the death penalty. Ashcroft stated the trial would be "relatively short and straightforward." Now those Alabama courts just may have recommended the death penalty and saved taxpayers half a million dollars or more.

Jeff Lyons, whose wife was critically injured in an Alabama abortion clinic
bombing, said he was informed by the Justice Department of the plea. Two Justice
Department officials confirmed the plea agreement, speaking on condition of
anonymity. An announcement was expected later Friday.

Lyons said he and his wife were "extremely disappointed" in the life
sentences for Rudolph. "As they say, let the punishment fit the crime. That was
a death sentence," he said.

Ol' BC hates the thought of us paying for this scuzzbucket's existence after he has admitted to the death and maming of others and pointed out his explosives stash for the feds. This guy is nothing more than a terrorist and taxpayers are going to be supporting this guy for tens of years.

Maybe he won't last long in prison.

Just a thought.


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