Monday, November 28, 2005

Guest Worker Plan And The Big Question

As President Bush stumps for his guest worker program in border states, key Democrats are chiming in according to this article.

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., asked Bush in a letter Monday
to encourage bipartisan and realistic reforms to immigration laws.
“Enforcement alone does not work. Unless we address the gap between our
immigration laws and reality, illegal immigration will not stop and the
situation on the border will continue to be chaotic,” Reid said.

All indications are that Bush isn't going the enforcement only avenue.

Bush has been urging Congress to act on a guest worker program for more
than a year.
Under his plan, undocumented aliens would be allowed to get
three-year work visas.
They could extend that for an additional three years,
but would then have to return to their home countries for a year to apply for a
new work permit.

And now the BIG QUESTION. Why would one think that lawbreakers, those here illegally, are going to return home when their six years are up? If Ol' BC was here illegally and landed a good job the odds of him giving that up and leaving the country for a year are slim to none (and Slim just got on the bus). I think most "guest workers" would take the same posture.

Just a thought.


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