Friday, November 11, 2005

Ted Kennedy Babbles Again

On Veterans Day, the president usually gives a speech. This one was no different. Dubya ripped his critics who are putting forth falsehoods about the buildup to the Iraq effort. Some of his comments can be read here. Of course, Bush had hardly finished when Admiral Kennedy of the SS Oldsmobile began his ramblings.

“Instead of providing open and honest answers about how we will achieve
success in Iraq and allow our troops to begin to come home,” Kennedy said, “the
president reverted to the same manipulation of facts to justify a war we never
should have fought.”

Maybe the Admiral had a scotch or two too many, but reminder would probably be a better word than manipulation. As to whether or not the war should have ever been fought, he may want to consult with the Shiites or the Kurds, at least those who weren't killed under Saddam's regime. The dead ones can't enlighten him much.

Just a thought.


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