Friday, June 02, 2006

Wealth, It's Not A Bad Thing

By way of one of my all time favorites, I stumbled across this incredibly thoughtful piece. While the left likes to throw stones at those who work hard and find financial success, this piece points out some of the positives to society of having some wealthy folks.

Would this country be better off if Bill Gates had never been born? My guess is
that Microsoft’s 61,000
employees wouldn’t think so. What about the recipients of the $28.8
billion that Bill Gates has given away to charities and causes? What about the
people who built his mansions and his cars? Heck, what about you? Do you have
any Microsoft products on your computer?

The piece talks about the standard of living enjoyed by a vast majority of Americans compared to only the wealthiest several years ago. It also talks about the top 5 percent of Americans paying HALF the income taxes in this country.

It also fails to mention that collectivism has pretty much failed all over the world, but such is the case. As strange as it seems, when there is no reward for hard work, people seldom work hard. Those countries trying to hang onto communism had to cave in and open up markets and allow some private ownership to survive. Survive but not flourish. (See Europe as an example and most of Europe wasn't quite communist, but socialist enough to squash any incentive to excel.)

It worth taking a minute to read the entire piece. Thanks to RWR for the post that led to this.

Just an observation.


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