Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Diversity, No It's Racism

While bouncing around reading blogs and columns, I ran across this.
It's a Jonah Goldberg column saying what Ol' BC has been saying for years.

Quite an interesting observation. Definitely not a subject many wish to discuss.

It is a good column and worth taking a minute or so to read.

“What’s happening is one segment of the minority population is losing places to
another segment of minorities, namely Asians to underrepresented minorities.”Li
points to a study conducted by two Princeton academics last year which concluded
that if you got rid of racial preferences in higher education, the number of
whites admitted to schools would remain fairly constant. However, without racial
preferences, Asians would take roughly 80 percent of the positions now allotted
to Hispanic and black students.

Now get this. Li filed a civil rights suit since Princeton rejected him and has subsequently been admitted. (Imagine that.)

In other words, there is a quota — though none dare call it that — keeping
Asians out of elite schools in numbers disproportionate to their merit. This is
the same sort of quota once used to keep Jews out of the Ivy League — not
because of their lack of qualifications, but because having too many Jews would
change the “feel” of, say, Harvard or Yale. Today, it’s the same thing, only
we’ve given that feeling a name: diversity.

Yep, diversity. (Racism to those denied.) Those who speak of diversity never seem to have much of an answer when asked for some of the benefits. They suddenly get quiet. Those discriminated against can discuss the subject much more easily.

Just an observation.


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