Thursday, October 26, 2006

Al Gore...You're Needed In Cairo

Where is he when he's really needed? Bouncin' around the U.S. giving speeches? C'mon Al. Egypt has some real serious issues and you are needed over there. Dig this Al -

For the seventh year running, a mysterious black cloud has appeared over Cairo, triggering serious health concerns for the polluted city's
16 million residents.

Al, you could be over there pointing out the hazards of internal combustion engines. These people have camels at their disposal, so why in the world would such a large city act as they do. Pollution abounds over there.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that presence of more
than 200 mg of nitrogen dioxide in the air is a great health risk.
But in
Egypt, the levels have reached as high as 305 mg in the Cairo district of Qolali
and 482 mg in Giza.
Worse still, the levels of the potentially toxic gas
have soared to a staggering 700 mg in the northern city of Qaha, in the
industrial zone of Qaliubiyah.

If the WHO is issuing warnings, one would think Al would be there. What a photo op. How in the world could he miss this opportunity to blame George Bush for Cairo's ills?

Just a thought.


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