Friday, December 15, 2006

Hallyday Leaving France

Dig this! Another Fwenchy sick and tired of paying big time taxes in France is leaving the socialistic practices for others to worry about.

Rocker Johnny Hallyday is just one of the famous or anonymous French nationals
who pull out of the country's tax base daily in a rarely discussed phenomenon
fueled by European fiscal competition.
"Like many French people, I've had
enough of the taxes we are forced to pay and this is it, I've made my choice,"
Hallyday told French radio Thursday during the launch of a Hallyday fashion line
at a Paris boutique.

Can't say that I blame them. Maybe this is another reason why socialism and communism tends to fail all over the world. Apparently this a common problem for the Fwench, but one they try to keep buried from the public.

The issue of fiscal exile from France has long been almost tabou.
The number
of those who move abroad, often quietly, to escape burdensome income and wealth
taxes is estimated at "one per day" by Gilles Carrez, a member of Sarkozy's UMP
party that oversees budget questions in the national parliament.

Hmmmm! Not all the Fwench are nuts, just the ones in charge.

Just a thought.


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