Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cheap Oil

A thought occurred to Ol' BC while wondering where all the cries and shouts of racism are regarding B. Hussein Obama's spiritual leader, the reverend Jeremiah Wright. Alright, we've waited patiently. It's been over five years now. Where's all that cheap oil we went to war in Iraq for. On September 15, 2002 Dan Morgan and David B Ottaway wrote a front page article for the Washington Post that "oil is the key issue" in the Iraqi war scenario. They also indicated that U.S. drillers were all primed to swoop in for the cheap oil from the "huge petroleum pool." Amazingly, all that cheap oil the left whined and carped about hasn't affected gasoline prices in the heartland much.

Any chance Saddam thumbing his nose at all those U.N. resolutions and killing hundreds of thousands of his own people has anything to with it after all?

Just a thought.


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