Thursday, March 06, 2008

Michigan, Florida Primary Hubbub - Tough!

Here's the problem with the Democrats of today. They don't want to follow the rules. They much prefer changing the rules as they go, to their benefit, of course. Our ol' buddy Howie Dean of the Democrat National Committee informed Michigan and Florida early on of the consequences of bucking the system. Now I guess it's time to see if ol' Howie has grown any stones and will stand up to the whining of Michigan, Florida and Hitlery. Ol' BC has a hard time with the disenfranchised crap some are spewing, especially when it is their own elected officials that put them in this bind. Any chance the reverends will make some noise if they allow a Michigan and Florida count of some sort to put Hitlery over the top?

Just a thought.

Update. . . . . it seems the calcium is already being sucked from Howie's backbone and now he's suggesting a "do over" in Michigan and Florida. That'll cost somebody big bucks and maybe a nomination.


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