Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Remember Lawrence Summers?

Back in 2005 Ol' BC posted about Lawrence Summers, The One's economic team member named to direct the National Economic Council. One would seriously expect outrage from the main stream media over this appointment. Larry, you remember, was the Harvard president who said that the reason women don't reach top scientific jobs may be biological. It created quite a stir on the wildly liberal Harvard campus among professors.

Ol' BC posted on it back in February of 2005. One wonders if W had appointed this guy what the response would have been.

Just a thought.


At 10:28 AM, Blogger RightWingRocker said...

Unfortnately, Ol' BC, no one cares what Oblahma does at this point. It's the same svengali-like thing Hitler had going on, and the same economic plan, the same control of the people plan, etc.

It's very cult-like, and by the time Americans get on the stick, it may be too late. That's why BOTH major parties have to be defeated, as the Republicans are Democrat lites who are in Oblahma's back pocket.

Don't believe me? Check out the latest bailout. Then come be a part of the Federalist movement.


At 7:01 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Ah, the inevitable comparison to Hitler! Who could live without it?

At 8:35 PM, Blogger RightWingRocker said...

Exactly, Mark. Just lke your people have been doing for the last eight years.

Unfortunately for you, Oblahma's similarities to Hitler don't stop there. He's a whole lot closer to Hitler (as are you, most likely) than Bush ever was.


At 9:04 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Go ahead! Defend yourself! It is funny to watch you defend yourself against a joke. It is typical of the Conservative/libertarian mindset which ultimately has no sense of humor.

The point wasn't to make fun of you, Mr. Rocker. It was making fun of anyone who pulls out the great Hitler Trump Card. But, go ahead and defend yourself. Your ideology can only see attacks and defense anyway.


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