Tuesday, September 29, 2009

America's Head In The Sand?

While wondering how people could really be alarmed that the Swiss government may extradite Roman Polanski (who BTW pled guilty to raping the 13 year old girl), I came upon an interesting tidbit along the way. Here's an msnbc article (New York Times) that comes right out and confirms that the U.S. is about the only nation on earth that wants to think that Iran is being a good boy when it comes to nuclear bomb development. Sarkozy came right out and said it earlier.

Meanwhile, in closed-door discussions, American spy agencies have stood firm in
their conclusion that while Iran may ultimately want a bomb, the country halted
work on weapons design in 2003 and probably has not restarted that effort — a
judgment first made public in a 2007 National Intelligence Estimate.

What is the matter with the U.S.? France sees it. Germany sees it. Israel sees it. Iran is in the development business when it comes to atomic weapons. Obama is rapidly approaching a Jimma Carter level of ineptitude. Carter effed up by ousting the Shah and putting in the Islamic extremists. Let's hope somebody in this wild eyed lefty administration will try to see what is right in front of them. If not, at least listen to their heros in France. Like a buddy of mine who considers himself a progressive told me, "look up Areva. The French know." I researched it and I think he's right.

Just a thought.


At 12:28 PM, Blogger cmblake6 said...

What the "American Spy Agencies" NEED to do is get the intel on a certain Kenyan. They swore the same Oath I did I'm sure. Fix it.


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