Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fighting The War. . .Let's Get Our Guys Killed

A marine has a son. He too is a marine. The proud. The few. But now the son is dead. The dad, still a marine, had a problem with the way the Obama administration has chosen to proceed with the war in Afghanistan before it cost him his son.

Bernard's criticism is aimed at new rules of engagement imposed by Gen. Stanley
McChrystal, the senior American commander in Afghanistan, five weeks before
Joshua Bernard was killed. They limit the use of airstrikes and require troops
to break off combat when civilians are present, even if it means letting the
enemy escape. They also call for greater cooperation with the Afghan National
Under those rules, John Bernard said, Marines and soldiers are being
denied artillery and air support for fear of killing civilians, and the Taliban
is using that to its tactical advantage. In a letter to his congressman and
Maine's U.S. senators, Bernard condemned "the insanity of the current situation
and the suicidal position this administration has placed these warriors in."

Ol' BC isn't a big fan of what's going on in Afghanistan, but if we are going to send our soldiers into the mess at least let them play to win. When the enemy is using women and children on the front lines they have identified their values when it comes to human life. The Muslim extremists are essentially animals. They don't mind killing their own for "the cause."

We need to fight to win or get out of Dodge. This pussy-footing around is getting people killed.

Here's the MSNBC article.

Just an observation.


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