Monday, March 07, 2005

More on Social Security

While reading Wizbang I came across an amazing post. Some Democrats are actually beginning to acknowledge that there is a Social Security issue with which we're going to have to deal.

Some the those quoted will surprise you folks who have been following the dialogue. Well, maybe not those quoted, but what they had to say. Check it out . It's pretty good stuff. Ol' BC is a little surprised at a parts of it, however, the context of the comments quoted aren't known at this point.

Nonetheless, Ol' BC still believes in the opportunity for the working poor and lower middle class to acquire wealth that is provided by private social security accounts. There is a tremendous amount of room here for debate and compromise and still give these people significant liquid assets over time. Those who oppose talk about Enron and companies who crashed due to fraud or blatant mismanagement. Ol' BC doesn't support single issue stocks for these accounts. The diversified funds and other alternatives available are too numerous to mention. Accounts can be mandated to include government insured CD's, government issued instruments, etc. to provide the desired level of safety. These are the types of things that need debated and agreed upon.

BUT, these particular people recognizing that this is, in fact, an issue that needs dealt with is encouraging. Stay tuned for more.

Just an observation.


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