Friday, June 24, 2005

Remember Larry Summers?

Jonah Goldberg remembers him. For those of you who have been following Dave or spent too much time in Margaritaville, Larry is the embattled president of Harvard who lit up the carpet munchers by questioning whether gender had anything to do with the limited number of female mathematicians and scientists.

Genes Do the Funniest ThingsJust don’t tell Larry Summers’s enemies.
Here are
some recent headlines from the world of science: "Researchers Say Intelligence
and Diseases May Be Linked in Ashkenazic [Jewish] Genes" — New York
"Some Politics May Be Etched in the Genes" — New York Times

What headlines from the world of science. The article is good as is most of Goldberg's stuff.

Which brings us back to the mortification of Larry Summers. Is it so
unreasonable to assume there are greater genetic cognitive and behavioral
differences between men and women than between, say, Jews and gentiles — never
mind conservatives and liberals? If genes make us more open to some group mores,
why can't they make one gender more open to one field of study? The animal
kingdom is replete with enormous male-female disparities. Even among the branch
of humans we call feminists, it's a widely held view that men and women think
and behave differently.

Are any of these questions politically correct? Do they have merit? Are they just food for thought?

One thing we know, Larry is going to be spending a ton of dough apologizing for what may have been a very valid question.

Just an observation.


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