Sunday, October 02, 2005

Alternative To FEMA?

Colonel Hogan thinks there is. Are you ready for this? Insurance! What a novel idea if you live in a disaster prone area.

If the worst happens, and you lose your house and its contents to one of
these, you may lose your baby pictures and your best copy of Atlas Shrugged, but
at least there'll be a payout to help you get a new start (with FEMA, that's not
nearly as certain!) . And, in the absence of the above-mentioned confiscatory
taxation, it'd be far more likely you'd be able to afford good insurance.Also,
observe that during the recent tribulations, affected victims sit on their
flood-soaked front stoops and whine to media reporters about how nobody helped
them. The mayor was busy chasing news cameras to whimper into, the governor was
making sure no federal empty suit took over her national guard. FEMA set up road
blocks to make sure nobody provided help before they could. At least, with your
insurance broker, you're just dealing with one guy, and you get to pick the
guy.You have the relative certainty of knowing that when that emergency happens,
you're on your own and that you, on your own, having planned for as many
contingencies as possible, have given yourself the best chance possible of
survival. Compare that with sitting on the stoop and hoping FEMA will come along
and help!

I think it sounds like a really good idea. Insurance.

Just a thought.


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