Tuesday, September 27, 2005

College Degrees and Sex Discrimination

While reading the always insightful and very informative The Baron, I came upon this very enlightening tidbit - There are 135 college degrees handed out to women for every 100 for men.

This is really somewhat disturbing. The Baron has a link to Glenn Reynolds' discussion of the subject. But let's begin with this -

One would be to treat it the way we treat other “underrepresentation”
issues in higher education: By wondering what universities are doing wrong.
There seems little doubt that universities have become less male-friendly in
recent decades, to the point of being downright unfriendly in many cases. The
kind of statements that are routinely made about males and masculinity in
classrooms and hallways would get professors fired if they were made about
blacks, gays, or many other groups.

"By wondering what the universities are doing wrong." This is soooo true. The problem with this is that it is a male underrepresentation. They can do so much wrong with so much political correctness, that nothing will be effectively done for years and years. Read Glenn's post from The Baron's.

Just a thought.


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