Monday, December 05, 2005

Bush The Big Spender...

A bigger spender than LBJ and JImmy Carter according to this NewsMax article. I'll concede that it is in discretionary spending, but that's where he can excercise some level of control should he have such a desire.

When spending is adjusted for inflation and length of time in office, Bush
has an annualized real growth in spending of 8 percent, compared to Johnson's
4.6 percent. In contrast, Ronald Reagan's real growth was just 1.9 percent.
"In other words, Bush has expanded federal nonentitlement programs in his
first term almost twice as fast each year as Lyndon Johnson did during his
entire presidency," the Cato Institute's report discloses.
discretionary spending rise was mainly a result of increased outlays for
defense, but he offset that spending with cuts in other areas. By the end of his
two terms, nondefense discretionary spending was actually down 9.5 percent.

Ol' BC just can't figure the intense hatred for this president from the Donks. He spends like he is one of them. I also can't figure out where the Congressional leadership has been. Sound asleep I guess.

Just a thought.


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