Monday, December 05, 2005

House Prayer Follow Up

Stephen H Webb, professor of religion at Wabash College (perhaps the finest institution of higher education in existence), had this to say on the subject. You may recall that federal Judge David Hamilton ruled that no prayer that opens the Indiana House of Representatives shall refer to Jesus. Yes, it is another example of judicial activism even though his logic is flawed.

When Judge Hamilton demands that prayer in the Indiana House be directed at
the God who transcends all religions, he is not making a neutral recommendation.
Instead, he is making a poor theological judgment. He is saying that liberal
prayers are better than traditional prayers, and that Christians who pray to and
through Jesus should not be allowed to pray publicly in the House at
There is no generic form of prayer, just as there is no one religion
that everybody can accept. The only solution to religious pluralism in America
is to let people pray as they wish, as long as it is voluntary and nobody is
discriminated against.
Devout Christians believe that prayer is a religious
obligation at both private and important public functions meeting. It is time
for liberals to begin treating them with tolerance.

Well said professor. It is an exclusionary ruling even though all indications are he was trying to be more inclusive. However, he is clearly excluding the vast majority of the state's population. But, liberals will do that from time to time.

Just an observation.


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