Sunday, April 02, 2006

Closed Heart Surgery - Yeah!!

The thought of having heart surgery without having your ribs split and your rib cage laid open sounds much more appealing to Ol' BC. How about not having to stop your heart? Now were talking. Read about it here.

The need for a less invasive alternative is huge, and growing. Already,
about 50,000 Americans undergo open-heart surgery every year to replace the
aortic valve: Surgeons saw the breastbone in half, stop the heart, cut out the
old valve and sew in a new one. Even the best patients spend a week in the
hospital and require two or three months to recuperate.
Thousands more are
turned away, deemed too ill to survive that operation and out of options. Demand
is poised to skyrocket as the baby boomers gray, because the aortic valve is
particularly vulnerable to rusting shut with age.

Awesome baby!!

Just an observation.


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