Monday, July 31, 2006

Australian Paper Busts Hezbollah

I can remember when the press in the United States was for the most part supportive of our country. Now, it appears nearly all the impact news is slanted heavily in favor of those who wish us ill or dead. However, in some parts of the world, some effort is still made to publish the truth. Here's some proof from the Herald Sun down under.

Oh, the article even calls Hezbollah out for their human shields and operating in civilian areas. In the U.S. it is widely known that it's all the fault of those evil Israelis. However, there are interesting photos in that Herald Sun article. Maybe the Jews ARE getting a bit of a bad rap here.

On a side note, why does the Jewish community keep voting for the Democrats while those same Democrats continue to side with those groups that want to destroy Jews all over the world and eradicate Israel?

Just a thought.


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