Monday, October 09, 2006

The Press And The Democrats

Tom Bowler at Libertarian Leanings had an interesting post on the subject. Here's part of it.

But the Democrats are still thinking about what they want to be. Primarily, they want to be in the majority, and they will be whatever they have to be to get there. Mostly that means being not George Bush. And it also means being what the mainstream press want them to be, their support being so crucial.
Unsurprisingly, this has lead to a nearly hilarious incoherence on the part of the Democrats. There are
not enough troops, we need a draft. There are too many troops, we must withdraw. Saddam Hussein is a threat, therefore regime change in Iraq is national policy. Besides, we know he has weapons of mass destruction. Or is Saddam Hussein a victim? After all, Bush illegally invaded a sovereign state, and he lied about weapons of mass destruction. Listening in on electronic communications is criminal, even if we're listening to the terrorists. But if it's a Republican congressman we're listening to, then it's OK. We must protect the children at all costs, the ones that get to be born.
For the mainstream press, there's nothing contradictory here. There's unmistakable loyalty to press ideals in those Democratic hearts. Constance. Democrats steadfastlly follow along where the press leads. And for candidates who are so true to press whims, the mainstream press promotes.

Now, that's an interesting take. May be one worth paying substantial attention to in the future. We all knew the Donks personified contradiction. Maybe this sheds a little light on the reason it's the case.

Just a thought.


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