Saturday, January 27, 2007

Censorship In North Carolina?

Some want the government to read scripts before filming begins. That intervention by government seems way too close to the way the USSR handled things. Rarely is the government getting involved in anything beneficial to the matter at hand. But, in North Carolina some have their noses a little out of joint. This article tell the story.

Citing the controversy surrounding the Dakota Fanning film Hounddog, the leader
of the state Senate Republicans says he wants the government to review scripts
before cameras start rolling in North Carolina.

Controversy is no reason for government review and approval.

That system, said state Sen. Phil Berger, R-Rockingham, would apply only to
films seeking the state's lucrative filmmaker incentive, which refunds as much
as 15 percent of what productions spend in North Carolina from the state
treasury."Why should North Carolina taxpayers pay for something they find

Aaah, it about the money. Attach your strings before a producer picks his location to film and less would probably be made of the whole deal. Nevertheless, Ol' BC has a real problem with the whole government proofing of the script after the deal is made. Actually, before the deal is made as well. The film will be reviewed. People don't have to go see it if they fear it might be objectionable.

Just a thought.


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