Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Arizona Illegal Alien Law

It goes into effect today, New Years Day. Ol' BC finds it a little quirky that the state of Arizona has to handle what has been known as the federal government's jurisdiction. Then again, what has the federal government done efficiently in the recent or distant past? Here's an article that gives an overview of the situation down there. Basically, they are going to bust the balls of those companies employing illegal aliens. First offense, ten day suspension of your business license. Second offense, revocation of your business license. My hat's off to Governor Napolitano if she really does insist this law be enforced in spite of her own reservations. As always with reservations, one must consider the fact that they may be political in nature. Government officials tend to have reservations about laws and situations that can cost them votes.

It will be interesting to see how the business climate in Arizona will be affected. Ol' BC is certain President Bush doesn't think much of this legislation, but it seems to me that putting the honest company back on a level playing field may not be all bad. If some illegal aliens leave the area voluntarily, maybe the social services in the state will be less stressed. Maybe the crime rate will be reduced. Maybe the hospitals won't have to charge so much. Then again, maybe none of that will be the case. Time will tell and it will be interesting to hear the spin on the results if the law is really enforced.

Just a thought.


At 12:08 PM, Blogger RightWingRocker said...

The only cause for concern in this law is the electronic verification thing. If only resident aliens are listed, then I'm cool with it, but if everyone in Arizona is listed or worse, everyone in America, it's just way too much big brother.

The article is written in kind of a scary way, as if to make people believe that Arizona businesses will be seriously hurt by this law. The way to keep that from happening is to go out of your way to support Arizona businesses, especially those known to be compliant with this generally good law.



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