Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jason Whitlock Is One Perceptive Dude

Let's think about. Black columnist. Black ESPN television personality from time to time. I particularly enjoy Whitlock's insights when he sits in on "The Sports Reporters" on ESPN or one of its numbered family of stations. Jason Whitlock is somewhat unique in this day and age. He is one of the few blacks who seem to opine based on facts as opposed to pigmentation. Here is another terrific example. This one deals with the LeBron James magazine cover for Vogue.

Right now I need to know where this LeBron James-Gisele Bundchen-Vogue-cover
controversy falls. And just who am I supposed to be mad at, LeBron, the
photographer, the editors at Vogue or Tom Brady?

Not only is Whitlock perceptive and observant, he has been blessed with a sense of humor. Tom Brady. That's good stuff.

Not too long ago he was the subject of massive ridicule among black journalists when he stood up for Ball State University when Ronny Thompson cried racism and quit as its basketball coach. How could a black man not defend another black man even when he is wrong? That seems to be the sentiment inside much of the black community. It has since come out that Thompson and his family have much greater racist tendencies than Ball State.

In the cited article article Whitlock (who BTW is a Ball State alum) points out a little more of the obvious concerning the NBA.

Vogue put a mirror in our face, and we're complaining about the reflection. Half
the black players in the NBA take the court each night in front of white
audiences tatted from neck to toe like they're shooting a scene for Prison
When David Stern insisted on helping these players with their
image by implementing a dress code, many of the players and their media groupies
screamed racism. You see, showing up to work in a white T and iced-out (heavy
jewelry) was their way of showing loyalty to their boys in the 'hood, a
shout-out to the corner boys and girls.
And any time someone with common
sense points out that athletes are making fools of themselves and feeding
negative stereotypes, he or she is shouted down as a sellout, racist or out of

Interesting observation. Full disclosure . . . Ol' BC isn't black and this may affect his perception of events as they unfold. However, Ol' BC isn't blind either.

Just a thought.


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