Monday, April 25, 2005

Make That Threat a Promise...Pleeease

Ol' BC has been hearing and reading so much lately about the "nuclear" option of dealing with Democrats filibustering judicial nominees. Also, about the Democrats "shutting down" the Senate if this is exercised.

Let's consider two points here:

1) The filibuster itself. Whatever happened to the day when one had to actually hold the floor for the entirety of the filibuster? Read the paper, recite poetry, tell jokes. Keep talking. Now, they just say we're filibustering. What a bunch of sissy-asses. If you're going to filibuster, then get your ass up front and do it right. That's how they taught it when Ol' BC took Civics.

2) "Shutting down" the Senate. Please, please do. That will mean and recess from more and more legislation. From more and more spending bills. From more and more government intrusion. Please shut it down for a while.

Once we quit trying to figure out how to legislate out religion or legislate in morality, this nonsense will go away. A judge's body of work is no longer considered. His or her stance on religion or abortion certainly is. Legislating morality has never worked, probably never will.

Just a thought.


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