Thursday, April 14, 2005

One for the Good Guys - A Judge Upholds the Law

Generic drug whores lost their bid to overturn Eli Lilly & Co's patent for the anti-pyschotic drug Zyprexa. Here's one for the guys who spend billions of dollars doing research and development in order to continue to develop new and better medications for the ailing in this world.

The generic manufacturers - Zenith Goldline Pharmaceuticals, owned by IVAX Corp.
of Miami; Dr. Reddy's Laboratories of India; and the U.S. arm of Israeli-based
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries - had challenged a 1993 patent that granted Lilly
exclusive U.S. rights to Zyprexa until 2011.

I don't want to go on a RWR rant about generic whores, but let it suffice to say that these type companies don't spend a dime trying to bring a drug to market or chip in a dime when a "real drug company" gets sued. They are just assholes who want to profit from the investment, expertise and hard work of others. But they have a good gig going. They make lots of money and don't have any expenses of significance to recover.

Read the article here.

At any rate, in spite of those who cry about the cost of meds in the U.S., I tip my hat to Judge Richard L. Young. I just haven't figured out why it took 212 pages to tell a bunch of whores to go f**k themselves. I wish he could tell them to share in the risk of investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the development of drugs that don't pan out. I wish he could tell them to share in the cost of the boatload of idiotic lawsuits against the developers of the drugs they produce. I wish he could tell them to share in the cost of satisfying multiple countries regulatory agencies and drug approval agencies. I wish...

I better stop or pretty soon they won't have the money to sue for patent infringement and will have to start charging like "real drug companies."

Just a thought.

(full disclosure...Ol' BC owns stock in two pharmaceutical companies)


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