Saturday, July 09, 2005

All I Can Say Is....WOW!

One of Ol' BC's favorite personalities jumped right into the fast track. It has been reported that Doyle Brunson, professional poker player supreme has made or is contemplating making a bid to purchase WPT Enterprises Inc which owns the wildly popular television series The World Poker Tour. Poker on television has grown by leaps and bounds recently and Texas Dolly must think it is going to continue to do so as his offer is double the company's market cap.

Read the Reuters report here.

Seven hundred million dollars is a ton of money and I hope Doyle has the business savy to make this a success if it comes to fruition. I especially hope he lives long enough to see it blossom as he's in his early seventies now. One thing for sure - making the bet isn't out of character for Doyle Brunson.

Just a thought.


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