Saturday, July 30, 2005

Ogre on Profiling

While doing my periodic blog scanning, I came across an interesting post over at Ogre's Politics & Views. He talks about various polls and political correctness. He points out that people don't mind forfeiting some rights to feel more secure. There have been cases made all around the issue recently. And then

49% of people disapprove of using racial or ethnic profiling in the fight
on terrorism.Sad. That's truly sad. Look, when ALL the terrorists fit an exact
profile, why won't we actually look for them?!? It's absolutely assanine NOT to
use profiling. If you local police chief took this view on crime-fighting, when
a woman reported that she'd been raped by a 6'6" Asian male, they'd have to
arrest and question 75-year old ladies and 6-year old kids!

Ol' BC hasn't determined how long it is going to take before the U.S. adopts Israel's plan of checking those who look like terrorists or those who act like terrorists. Someday, however, the time will probably come. At some point our liberties and rights are going to be so infringed upon that the majority of folks are going to say, "Time out! Let's move back towards reasonable."

I don't think Ogre missed this one altogether.

Just a thought.



At 11:55 PM, Blogger Ben said...

Ol'BC, it will take a nuke dude, maybe splashing in a little bio-terror with some chemical terror thrown in, until then... well were screwed.


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