Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bush Not Conservative - Coulter Concurs

From the beginning, Ol' BC has carped and whined and wondered why the MSM has such hatred for Dubya. He spends money like there is no tomorrow. Not just on defense, but on social programs and foreign aid as well.

Ann Coulter points out that he tends to endorse the more liberal Republican candidate when there is a choice on many occasions - Riordan over Simon, Specter over Toomey, Martinez over Harris and now Chafee over Laffey.

Here's why all of this is so important. He has yet to nominate Sandra Day O'Connor's replacement. This is a huge nominee for this country. Roberts is too new to rate. Hopefully he will live up to his billing. Bush cannot afford to avoid a fight in the Senate. He has to have the backbone to nominate a good constitutional respecting conservative. Quit worrying about the abortion issue and pick a good nominee. The abortion issue belongs with the state. The Commerce Clause has been stretched and manipulated and needs to be reigned in. This is far more important to us as a country than Roe.

Let's hope Bush doesn't drop the ball. This nomination is far too important.

Just a thought.


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At 8:48 AM, Blogger RightWingRocker said...

So true, Ol' BC. President Bush has never been a conservative, especially on fiscal issues.



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