Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Spanish Is Spanish, Except At Red Cross

At the Red Cross you have to have Red Cross training to be able to translate spanish to english in the event of a disaster. This article tells of the Red Cross trying to get more minority volunteers to ease the pain in these situations. Just one question. Why didn't the Red Cross utilize those willing to help translate at the time instead of letting the victims suffer longer, THEN seek minority volunteers after the catastrophe to send to Red Cross training?

Add this to trying to divert 9/11 donations, selling bottled water when other charities were giving it away and whatever other examples you may be personally aware of and you won't have much trouble donating to the Salvation Army. Ol' BC cut off the Red Cross a long time ago. At least it's further confirmed I made a good choice.

Just an observation.


At 5:27 PM, Anonymous Baron said...

Not to mention the Salvation Army spends only about 20% of what the Red Cross does on salaries...


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