Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

As 2006 begins, and by the way, I hope for all of us it is better than the one that just passed, Ol' BC wanted to share a good e-mail I received. It isn't anything most of us don't know, but we need reminding from time to time.

"The Way I See It!"
By Dan O’Neal

I find it hard to believe that
the New York Times and the Washington Post are actually on America’s side. If
you read these two so called newspapers you will know what I mean. They are
constantly bashing anything that this country does. Why? Simple they hate George
W. Bush and everything he stands for. They hate him so bad that they want the
United States to loose the War on Terror to discredit the Presidents
Administration and the President himself.
Imagine it is 1942 and the New York
Times and the Washington Post printed a story that the U.S. had broken the
Imperial Japanese code the day before the Battle of Midway. One of two things
would have happened. One we would have lost the Battle of Midway severely
damaging the efforts to win WWII. Or the Japanese would not have engaged the
U.S. Fleet and regrouped formed a new code and attacked at a different time and
maybe a different place. Either scenario would have prolonged the war and cost
the U.S. more lives. Or suppose the Germans learned the day before D-Day that
the U.S. had a machine that let us read the Germans highest-level transmissions
from an article in the New York Times or Washington Post. Once again the outcome
might have been drastically different. Costing more American lives and
prolonging the war.
I bring up these two scenarios because that is what the
so-called mainstream media is doing today. By disclosing sensitive information
if not classified information from chicken sh@# anonymous
sources telling of so called secret CIA prisons where enemies of the U.S. are
being held and interrogated. Or making a big deal out of the President ordering
secret wire taps of suspected terrorist in the U.S. by the NSA. I am personally
glad this is going on! But the so-called main stream media are willingly aiding
and abetting the terrorist allowing them to change their tactics by revealing
this information. This can serve no purpose other than prolong the War on Terror
and cost more Americans their life.
They say they print these stories
because of the "peoples right to know". This is just plain B.S. it is the news
medias way of hurting the Administration and it’s efforts to keep us safe at
I ask you. Does the average American citizen care that the CIA has
secret prisons to interrogate enemies of the U.S.? Does the average American
citizen care about the NSA secret wire taps on suspected terrorist in the U.S.?
According to a recent Gallup Poll, THEY DON’T! When asked 86 percent of the
American people polled DIDN’T CARE!
73 percent stated when asked said that
they were glad these things were going on!
So why does the New York Times
and the Washington Post bring all of this information to light now? After all
they have had this information since May 2005. The answer is simple. The Patriot
Act is up for renewal. The New York Times and The Washington Post have sat on
this story for six months waiting for the right time to spring it. They
deliberately waited until the Patriot Act debate came before the Senate in an
effort to give the President a defeat. Clearly another attempt to discredit the
President and his Administration. The Patriot Act must be reinstated as it is.
If you aren’t doing anything wrong you have nothing to fear from the Patriot
Act. Someone asked me if I would like to have my e-mail tapped or phone
conversations monitored? I said I don’t care let them! I say this because if
they monitored my communications, they would soon be bored to death and move on.
I suspect that it would be the same way with 95 percent of Americans going about
their normal lives. We need to use every weapon short of nuclear at are disposal
to fight and win this War on Terror. This is one fight we must win! The sooner
everyone understands this the better off and more victorious the U.S. will
As far as the New York Times and the Washington Post is concerned they
need to have their White House Press credentials pulled and not be allowed any
contact with any government agencies. There needs to be a news black out when it
comes to any news organization revealing classified information. Yes the First
Amendment to the Constitution gives us freedom of the press. But, I don’t think
our founding fathers intended for the press to use that information to aid the
enemy and attempt to discredit the President and his Administration.
As it
stands right now The New York Times and The Washington Post might as well be a
propaganda paper for Al-Jazeera!

Yeah, it's an opinion piece, but we read so many of them and every now and then you can sense a sincere writing.

Just an observation.


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