Thursday, January 05, 2006

More On College Mascots

While reading a column in a local newspaper (yes, Ol' BC still reads the daily paper), I found that there are still some issues out there with the NCAA and their asinine position concerning native American mascots. This George Will column is very enlightening as well as somewhat humorous. Much of it is dedicated to the University of Illinois and their relationship with and contributions by a particular tribe.

In 1930 the student then portraying Chief Illiniwek traveled to South Dakota to
receive authentic raiment from the Oglala Sioux. In 1967 and 1982,
representatives of the Sioux, who had not yet discovered that they were supposed
to feel abused, came to the Urbana-Champaign campus to augment the outfits Chief
Illiniwek wears at football and basketball games.

Apparently, they still haven't discovered they are supposed to feel abused. With all the drugs, steroids, arrests, etc., one would think the NCAA might be able to better use their time and muscle.

But in any case, why should anyone's disapproval of a nickname doom it?
When, in the multiplication of entitlements, did we produce an entitlement for
everyone to go through life without being annoyed by anything, even a team's
nickname? If some Irish or Scots were to take offense at Notre Dame's Fighting
Irish or the Fighting Scots of Monmouth College, what rule of morality would
require the rest of us to care? Civilization depends on, and civility often
requires, the willingness to say, "What you are doing is none of my business"
and "What I am doing is none of your business."

Well, George that may be a little bit deep for some who like to intervene in lieu of doing something productive, but it is so so astute.

Just an observation.


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