Monday, January 29, 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Likes Western Culture And Manners

This Deroy Murdock column was in our local paper. Needless to say it caught my eye.

Ali, 39, was born
into a Muslim family in Mogadishu. Her father’s opposition to Somalia’s
then-president, Siyad Barre, led him to move his family to Saudi Arabia,
Ethiopia, then Kenya. When she was about 25, her father arranged for her to wed
a stranger. En route to meet this distant cousin in Canada, Ali deplaned in
Germany and instead absconded to Holland by rail. She secured asylum and changed
her name from Hirsi Magan to Hirsi Ali.Ali prospered. She learned Dutch, studied
politics at Leiden University, and served several think tanks. In January 2003,
she won a seat in the Tweede Kamer, Holland’s lower house of parliament.

Innocent enough I'd say. But then comes the contradiction to the religion of peace crap we keep getting force fed about Islam.

That November 2, Dutch-Moroccan citizen Mohammed Bouyeri assassinated Van Gogh —
the great-grand nephew of the 19th Century Impressionist painter — on an
Amsterdam street. After shooting him and slitting his throat, the radical Muslim
used another knife to bury a five-page letter into Van
Gogh’s lifeless chest.“YOU WILL BREAK YOURSELF TO PIECES ON ISLAM!” read the
communiqué, addressed to Ali. “Be warned that the death that you are trying to
prevent will surely find you.”

Amazing how these Islamic thugs can continue to go around killing people for not subscribing to the religion and people continue to bad mouth the United States and the coalition for challenging them. Ali lived in their state of oppression and fled when the opportunity presented itself. Most normal folks in our society don't blame her. But will they heed her warning?

Ali is grateful for what the West has done for her and many others it shields
from Islamofascism. She despairs, however, for the West’s wavering
self-confidence.“Unfortunately, it is this culture that is under threat today,”
she told CORE’s guests. “Many of those born into it take it for granted or,
worse, apologize for it.” As Ayaan Hirsi Ali asked: “Let’s join together to
protect this culture of life, this culture of liberty, this culture of ladies

It's not likely the anti-Bush factions will want to pay much attention to Ali. They are the apologists she refers to. Many more Muslim women would be grateful like Ali if they had the chance. Problem is, they don't.

Just an observation.


At 8:15 PM, Blogger Col. Hogan said...

I like Murdock, and I've been following the Ayaan Ali story for months. The story is at once tragic (because of the islamist fascist wackos) and heroic (because of the intelligence and defiance of this wonderful woman).

Were it not for the utter irrationality of the islamic religion, including its desire to end human civilization in favor of some kind of horrible neo-dark age, I have no doubt that Miss Ali and many other women from that part of the world would be prominent leaders of great accomplishment.

Moderate islamists ought to be ashamed of themselves for letting these crazy bastards live.


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