Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chavez Not A Hit With All

As I watch Indiana getting one bad call after another against Wisconsin's Evil Badgers, I stumbled across this not widely reported article addressing how Venezuela's folks are fleeing Hugo Chavez faster and faster as they realize what's coming.

Each day after dawn, hundreds of Venezuelans gather outside the Spanish
Consulate in Caracas, hoping to get papers allowing them to flee the South
American country for Spain.
Others form long lines at other consulates,
equally fearful of the future of Venezuela under President Hugo Chavez.

Let's say it all together. Communism.

Some Venezuelans who are fleeing the country are opting for residence in the
U.S., according to the Miami Herald. "The latest figures show a surge of
Venezuelans moving to the United States either through asylum, permanent
residence or other visas,” the Herald reported.
"Those who seek asylum are
claiming persecution or that communism is about to take hold in Venezuela.”

I know it would probably be tough for the press in the U.S. to be too critical as they tend to support socialism at every opportunity even though it fails all over the place.

Just a thought.


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