Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Abortion Death Certificates? Huh?

While being in a tizzy about this mandatory new blogger thing, Ol' BC stumbled upon this nutty little article. It seems some GOP folks in Tennessee want to require death certificates for aborted fetuses. What? That's right. Death certificates for aborted fetuses.

Legislation introduced in Tennessee would require death certificates for aborted
fetuses, which likely would create public records identifying women who have

Now, I can appreciate the rabid pro-life agenda as easily as the pro-choice one. These are moral choices and in my semi-humble opinion have no place in the legislative arena (or judicial arena for that matter, except for that Roe thing getting pushed through years ago). It occurs to Ol' BC that that usually in this country of certificates and licenses the birth certificate is on record before the death certificate is issued. Not a bad play to bring some attention to the issue though.

Just a thought.


At 5:21 PM, Blogger Sir Loin of Beef said...

Well, as much as you can't legislate morality, you can't separate the two either. The basis of law is a sense of morality. Therefore moral issues like abortion have every place in law just as murder or any other supposed crime does. Essentially murder is just a moral issue too.

This whole affair seems to me to be just another angle in the approach of the pro-lifers. It is an interesting strategy. If it is declared a death, then by definition, the death being caused by man, should be classifed as homicide.

I have no opinion about it really. Morality is often maleable. Killing men is okay in certain situations but not in others. It all depends on perspective and belief. And without the existence of a universal concrete sense of morality, there can be no true impartial and rational law.


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