Tuesday, October 09, 2007

German Soccer Controversy

Every time people begin to think that the radical Islam attitude is confined to "extremists" the so called regular Moooooslems reconfirm the fact that it tends to be much more widespread. This time the controversy is in Germany. A German soccer player of Iranian heritage refuses to accompany his team to Israel for a European Championship qualifier.

"I have more Iranian than German blood in my veins," he said in a report
published Tuesday. "That should be respected, and besides I'm doing this out of
respect. My parents are Iranian."
Dejagah was born in Tehran, but later
moved with his parents to Germany. He holds a German passport.Iranian citizens
have been forbidden from traveling to Israel ever since the 1979 Islamic
Revolution, the point from which Iran also began to refuse to recognize Israel's
right to exist.

Here's the story. It just seems to Ol' BC that all this talk of "mainstream" Mooooslems not sharing all these radical views just seems to continue to be discredited. All indications are the radical and racists views against Jews and the nation of Israel are quite prevalent in the Mooooslem population all over the world. This one is just another example. For some unknown reason (possibly fear?) the press continues to excuse it. How in the world would this type of attitude be tolerated if it were American Anglo Saxon protestants carrying on like this against Jews or Mooooslems or African Americans or Asians or Latinos?

Just a thought.


At 3:05 PM, Anonymous mark said...

Yeah, acting out of respect for your parents is a pretty radical idea, I guess. Too bad we don't have a little more of this going on in the States.


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