Thursday, January 03, 2008

Diplomacy - Still Being Utilized

Still being utilized by the Bush administration. Amazing as it may seem, these Bush guys (and gals) are still trying to do some good things. Somewhat inconceivable given the nature of these warmongers.(sarcasm off)

Libya's remarkable transformation from U.S. foe to friend is almost
Despite unresolved terrorism and human rights concerns, the United
States took another step toward ending decades of hostility with the north
African nation on Thursday as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice held talks
here with the Libyan foreign minister in the highest-level contact between the
two countries in Washington in 35 years.

Libya. Who'd have ever thunk? Thirty-five years is a long time - three and a half decades and every president since the last year or so of Richard Milhouse Nixon. They go from shooting at our planes to this. All under the watch of a warmongering president.

The United States and Libya restored diplomatic relations in 2004 after a
27-year hiatus and shortly after his meeting with Rice, Shalqam watched as
officials from the two countries signed their first bilateral agreement — a
science and technology cooperation pact.

In the year 2004, I think we were under the watch of that warmonger, George Dubya Bush. While I'm not a big fan of Bush for reasons documented in this blog time and again (mostly due to domestic and economic policies) he does do some good things which receive little to no media attention.

Just an observation.


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