Friday, May 16, 2008

Obama - Can't He Read?

B. Hussein Obama and Hitlery Clinton have several things in common. One is they don't seem to want to pay much attention to history. Each wants to and professes that they will if elected raise taxes on the wealthier individuals and renegotiate NAFTA. Apparently they refuse to read about the trials and tribulations of President Herbert Hoover. You see, as Ol' BC remembers his history, Hoover adopted essentially the same strategy and it resulted in catastrophic results, called by most The Great Depression.

Hoover taxed the wealthier folks and pushed through the Smoot-Hawley tariff. Most, even the youngest of students, have heard of The Great Depression. Not taught nowadays is what triggered it. It runs contrary to the agenda of the left, which tends to run academia throughout the United States. Europe, long held up as the ideal of the left, is running from its socialism quickly.

The Donks are professing the same strategy as Herbert Hoover. Most likely, the GOP and their candidate who is old enough to be aware of such things won't call them out on it. Dubya, as a president, has pretty much been ordinary by most standards. However, he has had pretty continual economic growth. Get ready for an abrupt halt if B. Hussein gets elected.

Just a thought.


At 2:02 AM, Blogger RightWingRocker said...

Get ready for an abrupt halt if B. Hussein gets elected.

Get ready for an abrupt halt no matter which of the three Democrats in the runnign is elected!


At 10:28 PM, Blogger Col. Hogan said...

We're on kind of an abyss here, caused largely by overspending on the federal level. McCain is rightly saying that the feds have to curtail spending. The big question is that, if elected, will he do anything about it? I don't trust him, but if the feds don't cut back soon, the Great Depression will seem like party time.


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