Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just How Many . . .

dumbasses can you have in one country? If the U.S. is any indication, millions. Dig this Newsweek article. It's amazing to me that so many people want to release these Muslim terrorists after so many have proven what I've said for years - they have no interest in peace at any price. Their only goal is to eradicate the way of life in the west. Kinda reminds one of the Hamas (etal) goal of the eradication of Israel. There will be no peace there either. I just wonder why the U.S. keeps jumping in and blocking Israeli efforts for long term peace just as I wonder why the U.S. would want to put these nuts in Gitmo back in the action of their terrorist mission. Never mind how we treat them like VIP's while they're visiting Gitmo, when we release them they still want to bomb and kill us. Not real likely that Oblahma will pay much attention to the reports as they come in. Time will tell.

Just a thought.


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