Sunday, January 20, 2008

Voter ID

The Indiana law regarding voter identification has been challenged and appealed and now apparently will be heard by the SCOTUS. This letter to the editor expresses most people's opinion on the subject.

I have to show a picture ID before I can cash a check, use my credit or debit
card, or board an airplane. How can anyone object to my having to show a picture
ID before casting a vote?

Some of us take the right to vote seriously and wish the election process to be fraud free and definitely not crooked. Naturally, those of us in the midwest realize that in areas like Chicago and recently Milwaukee more than voter identification will be required. But for the vast majority of the country voter identification will do the job. The author, Mr. Walton, goes on to say

In order to get along in the world today, you have to prove your identity. You
should also have to prove your identity before you do the most important thing
you can do in a free society: Cast a vote for its leader.

"Is voter identification the only problem?" Ol' BC asks rhetorically. Of course not. There are problems with electronic machines. There are problems with staffing at the polling places. I'm sure someone else has seen a problem of some sort somewhere. But, there is no better way to insure that elections are for the most part fraud free than indentifying voters.

Just a thought.


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