Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Justice Ginsburg Sides With Thomas etal In Ali Case

As amazing as it seems, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg sided with Clarence Thomas and the so called conservative justices in the Ali v. Federal Bureau of Prisons case.
This article tells of the case and the verdict while
this blog tells of the deciding "swing" vote. This just goes to show that some surprises are pleasant surprises. But, then again, what the hell happened to Kennedy? How could he side with such a lame dissent?

The word "any" is of no help because all speakers (including writers and
legislators) who use general words such as "all," "any," "never," and "none"
normally rely upon context to indicate the limits of time and place within which
they intend those words to do their linguistic work. And with the possible
exception of the assertion of a universal truth, say by a mathematician,
scientist, philosopher, or theologian, such limits almost always exist. When I
call out to my wife, "There isn't any butter," I do not mean, "There isn't any
butter in town." The context makes clear to her that I am talking about
the contents of our refrigerator.

Ol' BC has no doubt as to the meaning of "any" when the context of the law in question is considered. I seriously doubt that "any" normal person would. It seems clear it refers to the "contents" of the law enforcement community.

Just a thought.


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